BUSY MEN, this is a FITNESS and WEIGHT LOSS challenge built for you!

It's time to take the first step to reaching your fitness goals, don't wait, be strong and courageous...

Join the 30-Day Ab and Core Shredder program to finally start seeing your Abs again! 

It's a commitment and a promise. I know the program is going to help you lose weight and build lean muscle. But only if you commit. I can't do the work for you. If you are not satisfied, I'll give your money back!

I believe that I will earn your trust and we will win together.

There are no strings attached. I've had several men go through this 30-Day program and get solid results and I want you to see success as well.

I want to help you reach your fitness goals so that you can impact your family and community with energy and confidence! And don't worry, these exercises can be done AT HOME or in the gym.

Don't Get Back on the Diet Yo-Yo! It's not good for your body or your self-confidence. Fad diets and starving yourself to "Get Skinny" are not what men need.

As men, we need to BUILD LEAN MUSCLE! The weight loss will come at the same time. But if you stay on that weight loss Yo-Yo, down 30 pounds and back up again, life will be miserable.

Don't wait! I'm not getting any younger and neither are you, we need to be fit for our life mission and healthy for our family.
I want to help busy men like me lose weight and build lean muscle
  • Daily Step-by-Step Fitness Routines
  • ​Example Videos/Pictures Timers and Easy App Based Instruction
  • Designed for Busy men to do either at home or in the gym
  • Just 40-50 Minutes Each Day that you can do AT-HOME
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I'm also giving you a copy of my NUTRITION GUIDE for FREE.
  • Portion Sizing
  • ​Mindset 
  • ​My Go-To Nutrition Planning Apps
  • Snacking suggestions

You won't starve or break the bank on this plan!

My FREE Nutrition Guide is your no-nonsense easy button to making the best choices on your food intake. (No this isn't a fad diet)

One of the biggest struggles that dads have in their weight loss and fitness journey is with their nutrition. 

The Tips and Philosophy in this Nutrition Plan is what helped me lose my first 30 Pounds before I ever started on my exercise journey.
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"My mission is to help you Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle without giving up all your family time or breaking the bank."

I will not spam, rent, or sell your information
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