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The far east…. Georgia

I’m in a BI software training class today.  This instructor kept talking about all the food he ate while teaching in China. I was getting a numb brain over it.  So I spoke out and said “I went to Georgia once”. He said, “oh yeah in europe?” I said “no, America, that’s about as far east as I want to go”. Class slayed.

Veterans Day 2014

Today is Veterans Day.

Thank You Veterans, It is because of you we are free. Free to be whatever we choose to be. Free to see what we want to see. Free to sing what we want to sing. Free to work where we want to work. Free to vote if we want to vote. Free to learn what we want to learn. Free to say what we want to say. Free from tyranny home and from afar. Free from dictators wherever they are. We dare not forget why we are free. For the price of freedom was not free. Yet the price of freedom has been paid. By a Veteran, whether they live or whether they lay. Freedom is still not free even today. Even now so, the price has to be paid. Until all the tyrants have been slayed. To keep this country free as made. The Veterans’ courage must not fade. And we indebted must arise. And ensure the tyrants do not surprise. For if our memories dull or fade. Surely the price will again be paid. On American soil I am afraid.

Thank You, Veterans. Thank You, Dad. Thank you for your service to our country and for fighting for freedom around the world. Thank You for sharing the freedom of salvation through Christ Jesus with our soldiers and counseling them through tough situations through twenty years of service and even still today.

How Might David Pray Today?

This has been a rough election year in Arkansas. I have never seen so many half-truths in campaign ads. This year is especially full of negative ads and untruthful insinuating in the Senate and Governor’s race.

I was reading R. Kent Hughes’ book “Disciplines of a Godly Man” in chapter 11 today. This chapter is about disciplining the tongue. He referenced this chapter in Psalms that I thought really fit for this election year.

Psalms 12:1-8  Help, Lord , for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race. Everyone lies to their neighbor; they flatter with their lips but harbor deception in their hearts. May the Lord silence all flattering lips and every boastful tongue— those who say, “By our tongues we will prevail; our own lips will defend us—who is lord over us?” “Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the Lord . “I will protect them from those who malign them.” And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times. You, Lord , will keep the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked, who freely strut about when what is vile is honored by the human race.

Romans 5 & 6

I’m reading Romans 5 & 6 today (NIV version). Sometimes when I read the Bible I read it in my mind as though the words are being spoken by a fiery and robust southern preacher. Sweat on the brow and handkerchief in hand. I was reading today while walking around for some excercise at work. When I got to about the middle of chapter 6 I started to recognize that I had been so into the sermon that I was walking rather briskly with a little hop in my step. I don’t think I shouted for joy but I was close if I didn’t. So, be warned, the word has a tendency to add vigor to you steps.

Leadership and the manager

Becoming a manager is sometimes tough, but gaining the mantle of Leadership is the part that requires real work. I have had many managers in my 11 years here and a few of them never were able to become true leaders of the team. They used their authority to get things done, but the grumbling on the aisle denoted that there was not a desire to adapt to the change. Leaders they were not.

Did you ever watch the show “Survivor”?  It never fails that in the first few episodes of the season everyone wants to vote out the person who thinks they should be in-charge.  If you come in thinking that you should be in-charge or that you should be the leader, everyone wants to vote you off the island.

You have to let the team put the mantle of leadership on you. How? Well, in my experience, you have to first be part of the team’s struggle. Relationships form and teams solidify in the midst of shared struggle or goals. There is no shame in helping your team complete a task and sharing in the struggle to complete it. When they see you working and trying and not being too important to do the work they do, then you can start showing the qualities of leadership that you want them to see in you. You don’t  have to be good at it. Just the act of trying to help is enough. Don’t take over, surely, but be a part of the struggle. Then, you can begin to capture the hearts of those who you have positional authority over.

The leader will take time to understand the work and build the relationship before ever giving the first instruction for change. Understandably, this isn’t always a quick turnaround time.

Sometimes the mantle of leadership will fall on your shoulders even when you didn’t want it. It just seems to inherently follow you around because of the way your work or because a vacuum has been created due to someone leaving. Sometimes the best leaders are the ones who didn’t want to lead in the first place. Maybe they are not necessarily well polished in their speech or appearance, but they have earned respect and confidence from the team through the shared struggle. New managers should lean on these people to help push change, and even continue still after the manager has become a leader on the team.