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A Fitness Program Specifically Designed for Busy Parents!

Do you want to make a positive impact on your health, family, and career?

Do you want to STOP running back to fad diets just to gain all the weight back in a month?

Let me help you lose weight, feel strong and regain your confidence

without feeling guilty about taking the time!

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I’m so Confident that you will benefit from this program that I will refund your money if you commit and don’t see the value after the first month!

The value is tremendous

Strengthen the Spirit, Body and Mind

6 Week Personal Training

The 6 week “Taming the Flesh” Call to Action and Nutrition/Meal Plans

Flesh Tamer Method

Daily step-by-step 30 to 40 minutes guided exercise program with examples and timers


Virtual access to me for coaching via Messenger, video or Text and a weekly video call

Flesh Tamers App

The Flesh Tamers App is your guide on the go or at home!

Whole Self Focus

Each week starts with a Biblical devotional video and an Ab Day Christ focused story

Accountability and Support

Private Flesh Tamers accountability group to build friendships, accountability, and support

This is Coaching and Personal Training for parents:

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Build the Flesh Tamers Mindset! Johnathan

I was that guy who had lost his energy and his confidence. I had two kids, a full-time office job and ministry commitment. I didn’t think I had any time for getting fit. Until I had a co-worker come along side me and show me how.
Now, I want to do the same thing for you!

Just like I have helped other men get started on their fitness journey, I want to help you do the same. To learn how to build a lifestyle and mindset of fitness and impact your health, career, and family.

For me, exercising self-control was the initial step, and it first started with my food addictions and stress behaviors, then the exercise pushed me on to my goals.

Flesh Tamers Fitness will move you forward to better health by helping you focus on the main motivator, to fulfill the purpose God made you for with all your strength, mind and soul.

Let me help you break these chains of excuses and move forward to better health!

Johnathan Sexton

Founder/Flesh Tamers Fitness
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Performance Enhancement Specialist


Hey, I’m Matt from South Dakota. I am 43, a father of 3 and a Marketing Consultant. Before I found Flesh Tamers Fitness I constantly struggled with my weight, eating habits and overall confidence in myself. I was a bit hesitant to sign up at first, but after chatting with Jonathon I felt very confident that I had found the perfect program. He included a great workout plan, nutrition and meal guides and also devotionals, which is fantastic! Jonathon’s communication is great and I really feel he has my best interest in mind. After the first 6 week fitness program, I have made big strides. I feel great, I’m gaining lean muscle and losing fat. If you are a busy dad like me, give Flash Tamers Fitness and Jonathon a try. You will be glad you did!
Matt K.
Marketing Consultant
I am currently in my 17th week using the Flesh Tamers program and it has been a great experience! It has kept me engaged and motivated over the weeks through the diversity of exercises that it challenges me with. The workouts have now become a part of my daily routine and they are paying off with weight loss, muscle gain, and I definitely feel more energetic. I contact Jonathan regularly and he always responds promptly. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with workout routines in the past.
Numb Vanity (Robert)


Flesh Tamer Member


Flesh Tamer Member

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Contact me via email at for details or message me on Facebook or Instagram (@FleshTamers) or text.

Yes! Contact me via email at for details.

You can cancel for a full refund. Even better, if you committed and finished the full 6 weeks, and you didn’t lose fat weight and gain lean muscle, I’ll refund your money and give you $5 more in interest! (Lose fat weight and gain muscle weight = awesome!)

It can occur virtually or in-person in Northwest Arkansas based on your location and local health restrictions.

Yes, I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Certified Personal Trainer.

It’s time to finally achieve your fitness goals and get back your confidence!

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Are you ready to move out of your current rut and start focusing on the new healtier you?
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Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

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