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The Legacy Initiative

What meanigful things do you plan to leave for your children when you die?

Money and store bought things can be helpful but not as meaningful as a hand made item, a video with your voice or a hand written note from you to them.

Too many people die and leave nothing but a few pictures and random vacation videos to their children and grandchildren. Those videos are precious because it gives the viewer a glimpse of who you were. It can spark a memory or emotional response.

But does that picture or video pass down any wisdom or information about the real you? Your beliefs, dreams and hopes are the essence of who you are.

I encourage each of you to start a journal for the specific reason of passing it down to your children and descendants. Create one for each child with unique insights and encouragement.

Write it by hand not electronically. It’s a legacy item and should take time.

I also encourage you to write in your favorite Bible chapters and stories with your commentary. Give examples of struggles you overcame with God’s help. Provide reasons for the hope you have in Christ Jesus. And also share your failures and God’s grace.

I have a three page letter I carry in my coat chest pocket that my grandmother wrote to me before she died. And I have another letter of stories she wrote to me about my grandfather’s childhood. They are special because she wrote them by hand in a time when hand written notes are far too infrequent.

If you don’t know where to start, just start by writing down the book of Mark. Its the shortest Gospel and will help you learn to write in cursive again.

Journals at


Needs come in many forms. Giving to Baptist Global Response and Samaritan’s Purse on Giving Tuesday can help get funding to the most critical places. You can also designate your giving to a specific function.

Share your blessings with others.

Gift Catalog – Baptist Global Response

Gift Catalog – Samaritan’s Purse

Why Not Just Buy the Farm?

What a thoughtful love gift. Really, no joke. Buy the farm for someone.

Have you ever bought a goat? How about a lamb? Chickens?

I have chickens. But I can’t take my chickens to another country and hand them out. Kevin the rooster would not be happy.

That’s were Baptist Global Response or Samaritan’s Purse can help. They can literally help you buy these things for the people who need them in places around the world.

As we move into the season of Thanksgiving, let’s share some of our abundant blessings with others.

Gift Catalog – Baptist Global Response

Gift Catalog – Samaritan’s Purse

Kita Designs, Restore Hope-Together.

This week my church, First Baptist Rogers, hosted several international guests with a passion to help others and share some good news with them. One guest shared their passion for helping women who are sexually exploited and at risk. Kita Designs was created to help meet the need for employment and support for these women.
Please join OneChristianMan in Supporting Kita Designs

I’m working with the team at Kita Designs to create headbands that can be marketed to fitness fans like me. Stay Tuned!

“Kita” is an Indonesian pronoun. It means “us,” but specifically an inclusive “us.” Opened in 2017, Kita Designs is a holistic employment center that provides jobs to sexually exploited and at risk women. In addition to learning valuable handicraft skills, they also learn life skills like business, budgeting, parenting, computers, and English. They receive counseling and encouragement, and hear that they are valued every day. They are prayed for, and loved, and they work in a safe environment where they receive a fair wage. Your purchase of their quality workmanship provides a salary at a job they can be proud of.
Kita Designs,
Kita Designs scarf

Of course my wife needed a scarf!