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The flesh is weak

Why am I writing this blog post today? I don’t know, it just came to me. Maybe this is for you, maybe it is for me. Let’s just see where it goes.

When you think about the vices that weigh most people down, you really have to place the blame on our inability to tame our flesh and rise above the primal desires that were designed into these mortal bodies we live in. Financial issues, non-medical obesity, adultery, laziness, theft, the need for the next electronic gadget; all of these things relate to an issue with controlling our fleshly desires for things, physical pleasure and comfort.

This is not just a modern day issue. Even the apostles had to deal with these issues. Look at what Jesus said to them. It was the night that Jesus would be betrayed by Judas Iscariot (sold him for some silver coinage). Jesus had took his closest disciples with him up on the hill to pray, but they fell asleep instead. Mark 14:37-38 Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Simon,”he said to Peter, “are you asleep? Couldn’t you keep watch for one hour? Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” ( After all the miracles of healing, casting out demons, feeding the multitudes and walking on water, how could these guys fall asleep when Jesus asked them to pray? 

At some point in your life you are going to have to decide that you are not going to give into the desires for things that bring no lasting benefit to you physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Sometimes you also have to decide if something that will benefit you physically is really beneficial to you in the complete sense of your personal wellness when  the spiritual and emotional benefits must also be included in the calculation. The most obvious answer to which of these three things is most important relies heavily on the fact that our spiritual well-being has eternal consequences. Doing anything for momentary pleasure or short term benefit, without first thinking of the long term consequence, can have long lasting impact on ones life. Especially if those short lived pleasures are partaken of frequently.

In the book “Smart Money Smart Kids”, Rachel Ramsey states that winning with money means “learning patience, delayed gratification, and contentment” (p. 201). I would contend that these principles are important for winning in many areas of ones of life. Yet, these principles of living are not necessarily strengthened by the fact that we are advertised to almost constantly by all these electronic devices all around us. Then these advertisements put small subconscious messages in our minds that tell us that these things we see are acceptable and normal to have or do. I’m not saying these things are all bad, they are probably not. But the problem comes when you start to think that you must have these things to be content with life.

This is why we must continually be mindful of why we are doing the things we do each day. What is the real reason why you are going to buy that new iPhone? What is the real reason why you are eating that third plate full of spaghetti? What is the real reason why are are dashing on a little extra cologne today? We must make sure that our actions are being governed by something other than our own flesh. Sometimes you can’t follow your own heart or your mind alone, but you should have your heart, mind and the Spirit working together to make the bigger decisions in life.

The apostle Paul in the book of Romans says it this way; “Romans 8:7 The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so.” (  Knowing this, that the flesh is not able to submit to the law, our Lord the creator sent His son Jesus in the flesh to be a sin offering. Because Jesus, in the form of sinful flesh, was sacrificed as an offering for our sins, if we believe in Jesus he will be faithful to send His Spirit to us to help us make the right decisions in life. Our job then is to make sure the we are listening when the Spirit is guiding us.

Father’s Day

A father’s work is never done, especially with an energetic son

“Hey dad”, he says, “let’s go out and play”, but son it’s father’s day

a day where I should relax and rest, and be told that I am the best

“But dad”, he says, “how about this”, a project that just can’t be missed

Son you know I love you so, don’t you think we should let that go

It’s father day and I’m the best, shouldn’t I just take a rest

Then there is this thought within, a little reminder of if not now then when

No, tomorrow I must mow, and Tuesday I’m not sure who is to know

If this dad is the best, then this lesson I must address

Life is too short to take a rest, when with an energetic son you have been blessed

© Johnathan Sexton and, 2014.

Duct tape hammock start
Duct tape hammock project
Duct tape hammock finished
Duct tape hammock project finished

Humanitarian Emergency on U.S. soil or planned mass immigration policy

I feel like we are in the early stages of a humanitarian crisis in the United States on our southern border. Yet, it isn’t the early stages. Apparently it has been going on for a few months now, and the mainstream media (CNN, Foxnews) have left it on the back burner. If the story exists on their website, it is hidden out of view of the front page.  I admit that I can’t watch the news during the day because I work. So I don’t know if they are covering this on the TV side of the network. But it definitely isn’t  getting any attention on their internet platforms.  So, I am going to post a link on the blog here so that everyone can do some reading on what is going on.

Crowded U.S. Cells Holding Central American Children

As a Christian I am concerned for the well-being of these kids. I am heart-broken and torn. I am sad that their own country is so bad that they were sent on such a journey, many of them alone, in order to come to the United States. On that point I am glad that they made it here alive and hopefully unhurt.

But, I do wonder why they are suddenly all coming here. Central America isn’t any worse now than 10 years ago. The reason must be that the people in charge of upholding the laws in this country are not doing their job. And that is the executive branch of our government.

Why would they want to stop this? If the Democrats in charge can make all these immigrants believe that Democrats are their savior, then they will have votes for years to come once they grant them amnesty and citizenship. Yes, that will happen. It is inevitable. See, now that it is happening the Republican leadership can’t be outdone as the saviors. So, they have to stall long enough to try to win the majority in the Senate and then pass the legislation before the Democrats can.

So here we are. Now, I don’t have anything against immigration personally. Immigrants built this nation. The problem is that we can’t have large new population groups coming in by the thousands who believe that socialism is the correct form of governance. If this becomes a humanitarian crisis, then all these children are going to be raised by the government dollar and by nature will expect that assistance for years to come. If you need proof of this just look at the number of life long assistance U.S. citizens that already live in this country.

Maybe this is why many Bible scholars say that they can’t definitively find mention of a super power from the west in end times prophecies.

Was this planned years ago?

Biden giving the go ahead?

New backyard friends


We had a couple of visitors in the backyard yesterday evening. The hens were a little curious but not too worried. I sat and watched these young rabbits eat a few minutes. They were eating whole clovers, grass, and a few weeds growing within my patio area. Which brought on an idea. I wonder how many rabbits I would need to keep my lawn mowed.

Introduction – Starting a blog

When I thought about doing this blog thing it didn’t seem like it would be too hard. But, now that I am sitting here ready to post my first submission, it feels like the biggest decision I’ve had to make in a while. Probably since it is the first post and I’m nervous about who is going to laugh at me for thinking that anyone would care about a blog from an average guy like me. So, I’ll just do a short introduction. I’m an average guy. I live in the United States. A red-blooded American, born and raised in the South. I have a wife and two kids, a small flock of backyard chickens, and a love of college football. But, I am also a follower and believer in Jesus. This blog will be a small view into my thoughts and feelings about what is going on in life, in my country,  my state, the world, and the spiritual battles that take place every day for everyman.