Christian Manliness Requires courage in the face of fear
Standing Firm does not make you a toxic male or a bigot!

Yet, fear of being labeled has silenced Christian men.
This book is a review on the subject of Christian manliness and the courage needed to stand on the truth of Christ in the face of opposition, being a good steward of the truth and our physical bodies, and to shun the praise of society and the fleeting pleasure and comfort of living for fleshly desires.

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Courage, Confidence, Truth, Faith these words often ring all too hollow when spoken in terms of our modern Christian family man.

Christian Manliness requires courage.

The fear of speaking up and speaking out in truth is destroying the modern Christian church.
Christian men have lost courage.

Christian men are not being courageous in the home, church, or communities. This must Stop! Our King deserves courage as He had courage in the face of opposition. The enemy and fleshly comfort is being allowed to have an unchecked lead role as head of our lives.

The fear of losing the praise of men, the fear of losing our jobs, the fear of fully believing the Truth of who Jesus is. This first battle is within us, as men, to overcome our own doubt and start living like we genuinely believe in Truth!

When considering the concept of true manliness, one instinctively recognizes courage as the key foundational component of that character. Considering the idea of Christian manliness, one immediately encounters a problem. Contemporary Christianity in “advanced society” seems to be absent of anything that resembles manly courage.

Modern Christianity is fighting for relevance today from a position of weakness, and as such will fail in the future to be the societal pillar that it once was unless it recaptures the courageous and manly spirit of the “author and perfector of our faith” (Heb 12:2), Jesus Christ, who was both manly and courageous, and is the matchless example of manhood.

My hope is that Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm is going to spur reflection and action and act as a reminder that we, as Christians, are on the side of Truth. We don’t dabble in far flung conspiracy, false teachings or hope in man, but we stand firm on the Truth of Jesus Christ.

We must be courageous in the face of opposition and be ready to accept the price of following Christ as we also must be willing to accept and repent of our own failures.
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