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My name is Johnathan Sexton, founder of OneChristianMan and Flesh Tamers Fitness. I’m into Jesus, family, fitness, and tech. I live in the United States. I have a wife and two kids, a small flock of backyard chickens, and a love of college football.

I have 19+ years of experience in IT as a programmer, project manager, senior manager, and a principal technical program manager. I am a certified project manager (PMP) and Scrum Master (CSM). I am also a certified Personal Trainer with the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and an additional certification in Performance Enhancement.

Participating in and directing fitness events, weightlifting, and running are my favorite hobbies.

But the goal of my fitness journey is to extend and invigorate the mission I have been given, which is to share the Gospel for as long as God has me in this flesh tent. And to help others do the same.

I am a follower and believer in Jesus. And I have created the Flesh Tamers Fitness program to help others lose weight, become heart healthy, increase lean muscle mass, build self-confidence, and extend their mission for God’s glory.

Anything you see for sale on this site, like the Clothing, affiliate items or even Consulting and Digital offerings will help fund this mission of Flesh Tamers Fitness.

My fitness programs are low cost compared to industry standards, and they are funded by the other items on this site.

The Flesh Tamers business expenses are in paying the monthly fees for the App, the advertising to get more people into the program and the cost of producing the videos and remaining certified and up to date in the latest fitness trends.

This isn’t a non-profit, but my goal is that eventually the fitness side of the house is funded and expanding.

On this site you will see posts about faith, fitness, fatherhood, and other topics that I hope will encourage my readers.

I have a passion for helping bring big ideas to life, from 5K/10K runs to large scale IT Programs.

I am an experienced Information Technology professional with 19+ years of experience in delivering full scale business solutions for the largest retailer in the world. With a demonstrated ability to cultivate high-performing teams, lead large scale strategic projects and guide divisional process standardization within an Agile framework.

If you would like to discuss any topics related to my experiences or specialties, please fill out the form below and I’ll contact you after normal business hours.

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