The Courage to Stand Firm Even When Everyone Around You Seems to Fall

The world crumbles and falls around us. Men (and women) of high regard and Christian leaders falling from grace in view for all to see, although grace abounds much. Why? How did they get to this point in life, only to forget the things that brought them strength and purpose?

Maybe we all forget to whom the glory belongs at some point in our life. Don’t forget.

Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm.

There are other problems when, out of fear, we live for the glory that comes from man rather than that which comes from God. It would have appeared to anyone that men like Lentz loved the glory that comes from man. If you would have watched him preach you would have
thought, “he really loves his people.” And in a sense, it was true. He loved them. But what was more important to him was that they loved him. You could see it in many things that he did and spoke. The man wants to be loved and praised by all. Again, I don’t know him, and I didn’t
research him too deeply, but I know the human condition all too well. Am I not also a man in a fallen world? Would I stand firm if I somehow become “popular”?

The sad fact is that often the only difference between most of us and a Carl Lentz or a Jimmy Swaggart is that we are not gifted or handsome enough to attract such a following and so much temptation. We do not have the capacity to sin on the level of those high-profile celebrities, so we think we are better. “Take heed, lest you fall” (1 Cor 10:12). For most men, it is not that
they succumb to the temptation of throngs of women throwing themselves at them, or thousands and thousands of people in a congregation lapping up everything they say. For most of us, it is smaller and more subtle. Perhaps it is an addiction to pornography, or allowing yourself to be manipulated by female colleagues, because you want them to like you.

— From the book: Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm

The fear of speaking up and speaking out in truth is destroying the modern Christian church in the United States. Christian men have lost courage.

Christian men are not being courageous in the home, church, or communities. This must Stop! Our King deserves courage as He had courage in the face of opposition. The enemy and fleshly comfort is being allowed to have an unchecked lead role as head of our lives.

The fear of losing the praise of men, the fear of losing our jobs, the fear of fully believing the Truth of who Jesus is. This first battle is within us, as men, to overcome our own doubt and start living like we genuinely believe in Truth!

My hope is that Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm is going to spur reflection and action and act as a reminder that we, as Christians, are on the side of Truth. We don’t dabble in far flung conspiracy, false teachings or hope in man, but we stand firm on the Truth of Jesus Christ.

We must be courageous in the face of opposition and be ready to accept the price of following Christ as we also must be willing to accept and repent of our own failures.

Do You Avoid Difficult Conversations?

Conflict is inevitable. The variables that we can change are; the position from which we fight and the strength of our conviction.

When we avoid difficult conversations, many times this simply prolongs the hurt and leaves the feeling of unresolved emotional strain.

Most assured, there are some situations and disagreements that reach a level of intensity that are not warranted. It’s in those situations that we still must not shrink from the conversation, but we do need to adjust the position and conviction we are fighting from to diffuse the emotional aspect causing defensive behavior.

The battles and conflicts that we should not ever shrink away from are those battles with the evil one and the false teachings of his unwitting accomplices.

As we watch and await Christ’s return, we’re to remain especially aware of false prophets, discerning the spirits and rejecting all who do not confess that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh (2 Peter 2:1; 1 John 4:1-2).

Constant contact and conflict with evil and oppression of all kinds are necessary actions of the moral effort of developing true Christlike manliness. To learn not to shrink from conflict, a man must face conflict. Jesus Christ did not ever shrink from conflict with evil, even when He knew at that moment, He was going to feel the strike of human pain both emotionally and physically.

Flesh Tamers: Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm

We have been given examples in the Bible from our Lord and His disciples.

Posture with prayer as Jesus did and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Confirm your conviction on the topic by studying the Word of God.

The Word of God encourages us to stand fast in the faith with courage and strength (1 Cor. 16:13), watching soberly and arming ourselves with faith, love, and salvation (1 Thes. 5:8).

Thank you for reading!

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Counterfeit Christian

Today I came across this statement while reading my daily devotional written by Dr. Charles Stanley;

Many Christians seem content to live what they think is an adequate Christian life. They believe if they go to church, read their Bibles from time to time, and say their prayers once in a while, they’ll be all right with God.

Though they go through the motions of being a “good Christian,” they simply don’t enjoy the power, peace, and joy that should come with the abundant life Jesus promised (John 10:10).

Eventually, the counterfeit Christian life they’re living becomes a burden that doesn’t comfort them when the storms of adversity assail.

Are you a counterfeit Christian?

It is a thought that we all have entertained in the past. And some have confirmed their faith and sought change to become closer to God through active mental and emotional participation in God’s plan, which spurs them to act.

Yet others ask themselves this question and ultimately turn away. Because they were too heavily reliant on their own effort and pride to achieve their own definition of “good enough”.

There is no perfect. There is only reliance on Him, obedience and love that brings desire to worship and for works.

Don’t be counterfeit. Just be humble enough to know you are not perfect and live in His favor. Don’t be just adequate. Heed the prompts of the Holy Spirit in your daily walk. And let Him mold the desires of your life, your definition of abundance and fullness, so that you can live with joy and peace.


Breakfast is your first attempt to recharge your batteries after a good night’s sleep, balance blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full to avoid unnecessary snacking until your mid-day meal.

What and when we eat can play a significant role in our metabolism and overall health. Our body converts the calories in food into energy and uses that fuel to survive and function properly.

Eating a morning meal helps activate thermogenesis, or the process of increasing metabolism and burning calories. However, skipping your morning meal can slow your metabolism, disrupt insulin function, and affect your appetite, resulting in poor food choices. In addition, your body may be able to make better use of the calories you eat at breakfast, as research shows that your body’s clock affects metabolic efficiency.

Eating nutrient-rich foods regularly can support your metabolism, shed extra pounds, and prevent certain diseases. This is especially true of breakfast. For example, fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidant plant compounds called polyphenols, which have been linked to better lipid metabolism, lower fat mass and effective weight loss. Just make sure you are eating whole fruit and not just the fruit juice. The fruit juice alone has a big dose of natural sugar without the fiber.

While breakfast can be important, there are some morning foods that can negatively affect your body’s metabolism and potentially lead to health problems. 

Below are some foods to avoid (and healthier options) to support a healthy metabolism and promote weight loss.


These high-carbohydrate foods are lacking in fiber, an essential nutrient to help slow blood sugar responses and make you feel full.  They can cause blood sugar spikes (and subsequent crashes) that encourage weight gain and increase cravings. Those who follow a diet high in refined grains have higher levels of body fat and inflammation. This goes for these highly refined grain foods at any time of the day, of course, but breakfast is often focused on these types of foods.

What to eat instead: Take fiber-rich whole grains like quinoa, teff, and brown rice. Research shows that switching from refined grains to whole grains increases the resting metabolic rate.  This might look like overnight oats or whole grain toast topped with nut butter or smoked salmon for extra protein and healthy fats.


The best choice here is to move away from traditional buttermilk and packaged versions, which are often high in refined carbohydrates, sugars, and preservatives, and go for the whole grain versions. However, if you stop there, you are missing something your body needs to feel full, protein. A protein-rich breakfast has been shown to aid metabolism and weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and balancing out the satiety hormones. And I know somebody is going to @ me on this, but I never eat bananas, you might as well eat a piece of cake. If you need potassium, eat some veggies instead. Or better yet, drink a MOA superfood pouch.

What to eat instead: Aim for at least 20 grams of protein for breakfast. This could mean pairing a single whole meal or almond flour pancake with cottage cheese or a couple of poached eggs. If you are planning a workout, please make sure to get this protein in you to help keep your muscles healthy! No ladies, you are not going to “bulk up like a dude” just by adding clean protein to your meals.


Most muffins and donuts are loaded with sugar, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fat. They also tend to be tall, often consuming more calories and sugar than you think. Not only can they increase blood sugar, but excessive sugar consumption leads to inflammation and weight gain.

What to eat instead: If you want to grab a takeaway breakfast (one of the main reasons these baked goods are so popular), now is the time to focus on switching to something higher in fiber.  Early breakfast burritos, Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, oats, and overnight smoothies are great portable options.  The key is to make sure you have a source of protein, healthy fats, and slow-digesting carbohydrates. Greek yogurt with nuts is another smart choice (choose individual packs for easy portion control) because many yogurts can be hiding sugar bombs. These added nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to lower fasting blood sugar levels and improve the “good” HDL cholesterol.

  • Fruit Juices

The problem is that fruit juice alone has a big dose of natural sugar without the benefit of fiber. These juices spike your blood sugar, and just make you crave more sugar later as you come off the sugar roller coaster after breakfast.

What to Drink Instead: Water is great for staying hydrated and is important for promoting weight loss. Another option if you prefer a morning remedy is coffee, which can increase metabolism and fat oxidation. However, to keep your coffee from becoming a sugar bomb, take it black or with a little milk (traditional or plant-based unsweetened cow’s milk) and avoid added sweeteners (real or artificial). If plain water is not your think, Elite Fortifying Drink mix is my go-to addition.

Command and Control

I am not the master of my sea

I am not the captain of my ship

The courage to sail is not from within me

The mast and oar have no strength

Yet the journey is His joy and command

For His glory the moorings were destroyed and the harbor of my desire is lost

Onward in His hands I sail

To a shore lined with glory by and by

Copyright 2021, Johnathan Sexton, All rights reserved

Taming the Flesh and Extending the Mission God has for your life

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