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Captain’s Log Stardate 47634.44

We’ve been in lock down in the Avoca region of Benton galaxy in the Arkansas sector for over five weeks now. We have been circling the previously advanced planet of Feartopia.

There are two main humanoid species on this planet. They are sentient beings, however they are all currently experiencing a major virus outbreak on their planet.

The ship’s doctor has offered assistance in guiding the planet’s leaders in a sound strategy to overcome the medical and economic situation they are in. Yet there is so much political infighting that nothing is getting done to improve the situation.

The Medizelots have decided that we can’t leave our ship until every one of their fears are somehow calmed and that death is no longer ever possible from this new disease of yet unknown origins.

Meanwhile, the Freedafites are becoming restless in their homes and are starting to protest the lock down situation that the planet’s leader’s have placed on them.

Lt. Tamitha, our ship’s communications officer, has intercepted “e-mails” about a possible revolution led by the planet’s working class who do not want to live off the government’s monthly stipend and food alotments.

I have contacted Star Force command for feedback on how to help this planet through it’s current situation without breaching the Prime Directive.

Covid19: Living Through History

When we look back on what will probably be a one to two year worldwide episode of tragedy and triumph, I pray that some aspects of the “old life” don’t come back.

I think people are actually starting to realize, especially families, what they have been missing.

We had been missing out on our children’s lives and not necessarily learning what their true talents and gifts are.

School teachers and team sports took all their time. And we only spent time with them for a couple hours per day. Rushing to get them ready for school and rushing to feed them, get homework done and get ready for bed.

Team sports and school sports are fun and good for physical health. But now I see that maybe one team sport per year is fine. And individual sports like running, biking and circuit training are things that we can do with our children and teach them lifelong healthy habits.

Also, I actually don’t miss being on the road every day driving to work when it can be done at home. It’s good for my budget to eat at home, save gas, and save wear on my vehicle. And it’s safer to not be on the road as often.

What are your thoughts? Please comment and let me know what you both enjoy and dislike about this new social distancing scenario.