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But Then the Rain Came

Running along the pace set in

meters to kilometers, feet to miles

muscles pulling oxygen from each breath

your mind is focused, and your heart is steady pumping

but then, then rain came

From where it came, you do not know

as if from tempest far off, it has come straight for you

Do you give up, do you turn back?

Or do you seek shelter in determination to reach your goal?

Press on, run the race, until there is no strength or breath from Him received

For the race you run is not your own

But with purpose you were created and so shall you run!

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

We run this race because God has given us a crown. We don’t need to win the crown, we just have to receive it.

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 NASB

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

Muscle Size vs Endurance Training

Understanding your health and physique goals and programming to those goals is very important.

I am not the fastest and I am not a body builder, but I have achieved most of my health and physique goals.

There is a balance in my training between endurance and resistance training to achieve those goals. I want heart health, weight loss and a muscular physique. At the same time, I want to eat the foods I love.

So, I can’t over index on endurance training if I want continuing muscle growth. Yet, for cardiovascular health and an efficiently running “motor”, I need the aerobic endurance training.

Below us an excerpt from a really boring study to help us all understand this.

Chronic endurance/aerobic training, in the absence of regular anaerobic training (e.g. resistance training and/or high intensity interval training) provides ONLY a catabolic stimulus to the body. It does not provide an anabolic (muscle building) stimulus.

There also seems to be an inverse relationship between endurance and both muscle hypertrophy and rate of force production (i.e. you aren’t going to get bigger and stronger by engaging only in endurance training — the opposite will occur).

This is partly because muscle fibers adapt by becoming smaller in size so that, along with an increase in mitrochondrial and capillary density and function, there is less muscle mass for oxygen to diffuse through to enter the cells, which assists in allowing the muscles to be much more efficient in consuming oxygen and increasing aerobic capacity — oxygen can get into the cells more quickly.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you pushing aerobic training too much? Maybe you are hitting the resistance training and forgot about the health benefits of aerobic exercise?

Do you need guidance on creating an exercise plan to meet your goal? If so, set up a call with me to get started.

Defeat or Determination? – When Circumstances and Obstacles Remove Your Motivation

We’ve been training for a few months now. We are only three weeks away from our big run. But now the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced the run organizers to cancel. #Coronavirus #BentonvilleHalfMarathon

It’s a hard choice for the organizers. And for the runners, especially first time half marathon runners, this is devastating news. For those who have been training and weekly pushing their bodies to new distance or pace goals, their big motivation has been removed.

This year would be my third Bentonville Half Marathon, my goal was to just run it faster. Yet I have many friends that I have encouraged to run their first half, and a few are now very demotivated.

My message to you all is to focus on taming the flesh and silence the voice of the lazy flesh sack we live in.

Be determined to press on and conquer those 13.1 miles. Many races are switching to a virtual format. This means you still have to prove that you ran the miles to get the medal.

And although the lights and the camera may not be there, the action will be. When you run 13.1 miles for the first time in your life it will still move you emotionally. Don’t give up your training just because you won’t be around thousands of other sweaty faced runners.

The true goal is to overcome the voice of the quitter in your head. And prove to yourself that you can do it. This is your motivation! Not the crowd at the finish line, but the one doubting voice in your mind that you must silence.

There are not many life changing goals that have ever been reached without hard work, obstacles, challenges and/or pain. Many times those goals are achieved without a finish line and no audience to speak of. But the goal was still achieved.

Will you give up? Will you let the voice of fear and laziness win again? Or will you Run, Endure and Finish Strong?

Taming the flesh and extending the mission that God has created you for.

The Lord my Everything

David’s song of praise in 2 Samuel 22 is my spiritual bread for today. 

Read the whole chapter and keep in mind all the battles, family uprising (Absalom), death of children, and personal struggles with sin that David had been through to this point. 

This chapter, along with many of David’s Psalms, should make you jump for joy in your spirit if not physically. 

God’s provision for our life is amazing. We will go through some struggles, that is guaranteed. Yet, God…

“You make your saving help my shield; your help has made me great. You provide a broad path for my feet, so that my ankles do not give way.”
2 Samuel 22:36‭-‬37 NIV