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Personal Record 5K

This record was made possible by a strong finish. Training in the summer makes cool weather PRs possible.

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I use Premier Protein. Premier Protein has several flavors and all are good, but Bananas & Cream is my favorite.

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Brooks Ravenna 8 Running Shoe Review

I started running again late last year and was wearing some basic New Balance running shoes. They worked fine for my short distance cardio and gym workouts, but for my longer runs they didn’t give enough support or comfort.

My training partner who actually runs marathons (I’m not there yet) suggested that I look into buying some quality running shoes that are not too expensive but definately do the job.

So he suggested I get a run analysis done and try on some shoes. We went to the local Rush Running store and tried on different brands and ended up with Brooks Ravenna 8.

This shoe had the right arch support and comfort level for me and I really enjoy running in them. I am currently running 5K about twice a week and have nearly 30 miles on these shoes (tracked using Strava).

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Brooks Men’s Ravenna 8 Black/Classic Green/Nightlife Athletic Shoe

My training and better eating has paid off. I’ve lost 20 pounds since January. It wasn’t only from running. I’ll post more later about the other products I have been using from weight lifting gloves to protein shakes.

Today we are Soccer fans!

The USA is not really known as a country that cares much for soccer. To be honest, many people here resent the fact that other countries call it Futbol. Football! We know football and that isn’t football. But, today, in the USA, we are soccer fans. It’s the world cup and we have advanced to the playoffs. I guess they call it the round of 16 over at FIFA.  Anyway, if there is one thing that we can agree on here in the USA, when our team is playing on the world stage, we are fans. It doesn’t matter if it is Curling at the Winter Olympics or Gymnastics in the Summer, we are fans. Today, we are soccer fans. Look out Belgium, here we come!