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Being Healthy Requires Taming the Flesh

Being spiritually and physically healthy requires Taming the Flesh. Galatians 5:16-17

Please, friends, take an active role in your health. Your body and mind are meant for service, for good works planned for you before you were born. God has planned a purpose for your life journey. Be ready for it, in season and out of season.

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The Mission of Flesh Tamers Fitness – Podcast episode

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The mission and purpose behind Flesh Tamers Fitness. 

The Biblical mandate to Tame the Flesh: Romans 8 and Romans 12

The war between the flesh and the Spirit: Galatian 5:16-17

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FREE Book Promotion for Flesh Tamers – Reviews Needed

Friends, as you know I recently published my first book. And I need your help in supporting the Flesh Tamers book through downloads and reviews. Therefore, a FREE Book promotion has started on Amazon for Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm.

The goal is to get visibility and reviews for the book on Amazon and Goodreads so that the mission of Flesh Tamers can advance. If the book doesn’t earn at least a four-star review, please send me feedback directly to my email so that I can earn your stars. It is a short book of only about sixty pages, and this is purposeful for my target audience age range.

The book itself is, as the title says, directed toward men. I authored this book including my experiences as a man and the emotions and temptations inherent to men. However, as Christians we are all required to be courageous in the face of opposition as we stand on the Truth of who Jesus is. So, ladies, please don’t hesitate to help the cause here. I know you will gain from reading the book and can also send me great feedback.

What is the mission of Flesh Tamers?

My hope is that Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm is going to spur reflection and action and act as a reminder that we, as Christians, are on the side of Truth. We don’t dabble in far flung conspiracy, false teachings or hope in man, but we stand firm on the Truth of Jesus Christ.

We must be courageous in the face of opposition and be ready to accept the price of following Christ as we also must be willing to accept and repent of our own failures.

The battle may be spiritual, it may be within our own family, or it may even seem to be against our own fleshly desires. We must tame our own flesh and overcome our own fears with the support of the Holy Spirit.

The fear of speaking up and speaking out in truth is destroying the modern Christian church in the United States. Christian men have lost courage.

Christians are not being courageous in the home, church, or communities. This must Stop! Our King deserves courage as He had courage in the face of opposition. The enemy and fleshly comfort is being allowed to have an unchecked lead role as head of our lives.

The fear of losing the praise of men, the fear of losing our jobs, the fear of fully believing the Truth of who Jesus is. This first battle is within us, as men, to overcome our own doubt and start living like we genuinely believe in Truth!

Please help support the book and write a review during the Free Book Promotion period for Flesh Tamers Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm starting tomorrow.

Do You Avoid Difficult Conversations?

Conflict is inevitable. The variables that we can change are; the position from which we fight and the strength of our conviction.

When we avoid difficult conversations, many times this simply prolongs the hurt and leaves the feeling of unresolved emotional strain.

Most assured, there are some situations and disagreements that reach a level of intensity that are not warranted. It’s in those situations that we still must not shrink from the conversation, but we do need to adjust the position and conviction we are fighting from to diffuse the emotional aspect causing defensive behavior.

The battles and conflicts that we should not ever shrink away from are those battles with the evil one and the false teachings of his unwitting accomplices.

As we watch and await Christ’s return, we’re to remain especially aware of false prophets, discerning the spirits and rejecting all who do not confess that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh (2 Peter 2:1; 1 John 4:1-2).

Constant contact and conflict with evil and oppression of all kinds are necessary actions of the moral effort of developing true Christlike manliness. To learn not to shrink from conflict, a man must face conflict. Jesus Christ did not ever shrink from conflict with evil, even when He knew at that moment, He was going to feel the strike of human pain both emotionally and physically.

Flesh Tamers: Christian Manliness: The Courage to Stand Firm

We have been given examples in the Bible from our Lord and His disciples.

Posture with prayer as Jesus did and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Confirm your conviction on the topic by studying the Word of God.

The Word of God encourages us to stand fast in the faith with courage and strength (1 Cor. 16:13), watching soberly and arming ourselves with faith, love, and salvation (1 Thes. 5:8).

Thank you for reading!

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