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Should I Do Cardio or Weight Training First Each Day?

It all depends on your fitness goals. In a nutshell: If the primary goal is to increase aerobic endurance or lose weight, then you should perform cardiovascular exercise first. If the primary goal is to increase muscular strength, then you should perform strength training first.

There are no hard and fast rules as to which method is more successful. For complete and total health, you need to add both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to your workout routine.

The main reason to do one before the other is your time and energy reserved for the next exercise. If you do cardio first and don’t have enough time to do your weight training, then you will miss out on the benefits of resistance training and the opposite is also true.

I will generally do a short 10 minute cardio warm-up each Monday, Wednesday and Friday before doing weight training. And on Tuesday, Thursday and on the weekend I’ll do a long cardio workout and a short 10 minute muscle group focus with weights.

Monday Motivation

Did you know that your body is a resource God gave you. Just like anything else you have, you need to use that resource wisely for the purpose it was created for and return it with interest.

You have to maintain it the right way, you have to strengthen it and you have to use it for the intended purpose so you don’t break it. Even though we may not all have the same physical abilities, we all have a responsibility to be good stewards of what we were given.

Even as we get older, we can still be healthy and fit with energy and wisdom to advance the Gospel. But, we can’t do that if we don’t put in some effort to maintain this resource.

What are you doing today to be a good steward of the physical body God has given you?

How Do I Get Rid of These Flabby Arms?

One of the biggest myths is that you can lose fat in an area of the body by strength training or exercising that specific body part.

The truth is that you can’t lose fat from a specific area like that.

The best way to get rid of excess fat is to combine a healthy nutrition plan and exercise regularly. Resistance training will increase muscle mass, and it forces fat to divide into the broader surface area. That makes you look more fit.

We cannot dictate where our bodies will decide to oxidize fat, nor can we change fat into muscle.

Doing tricep focused exercise will not decrease the number of fat cells you have on the back of your arms any more than doing crunches will reduce the number of fat cells you have on your stomach.

But, the increase in muscle size will help the overall look as fat does decrease due to regular exercise. And that bigger muscle will fill in the skin and reduce the “flap factor”. This is not a technical term, I made that one up myself. So, tone it up as part of a regular weekly exercise routine.

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Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

We run this race because God has given us a crown. We don’t need to win the crown, we just have to receive it.

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 NASB

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.