Counterfeit Christian

Today I came across this statement while reading my daily devotional written by Dr. Charles Stanley;

Many Christians seem content to live what they think is an adequate Christian life. They believe if they go to church, read their Bibles from time to time, and say their prayers once in a while, they’ll be all right with God.

Though they go through the motions of being a “good Christian,” they simply don’t enjoy the power, peace, and joy that should come with the abundant life Jesus promised (John 10:10).

Eventually, the counterfeit Christian life they’re living becomes a burden that doesn’t comfort them when the storms of adversity assail.

Are you a counterfeit Christian?

It is a thought that we all have entertained in the past. And some have confirmed their faith and sought change to become closer to God through active mental and emotional participation in God’s plan, which spurs them to act.

Yet others ask themselves this question and ultimately turn away. Because they were too heavily reliant on their own effort and pride to achieve their own definition of “good enough”.

There is no perfect. There is only reliance on Him, obedience and love that brings desire to worship and for works.

Don’t be counterfeit. Just be humble enough to know you are not perfect and live in His favor. Don’t be just adequate. Heed the prompts of the Holy Spirit in your daily walk. And let Him mold the desires of your life, your definition of abundance and fullness, so that you can live with joy and peace.

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