Let’s build an app for your Passion

Passion.io can help you build an App for almost anything.

My Flesh Tamers Fitness App is built using the Passion.io Platform! It’s easy to use for all skill levels.

  • Fitness Experts
  • Podcasters
  • Cooking Classes/Instructors
  • Dance Instructors
  • Music Teachers
  • Technical Classes
  • Churches and Youth Groups
  • ETC….

Passion.io helped me build, host and launch the Flesh Tamers Fitness app on Google and Apple app stores. It allows me to virtually coach my clients via video, step-by-step and timed exercise sequences, goal tracking and a community feature to keep the groups engaged. A big advantage to using Passion.io is that you are also added to a community of experts and entrepreneurs that can help guide you on your app launch journey. ~ Johnathan Sexton, Flesh Tamers Fitness

Disclaimer: These are my partner links. I believe in this company and I know you will be successful too.

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