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Introduction – Starting a blog

When I thought about doing this blog thing it didn’t seem like it would be too hard. But, now that I am sitting here ready to post my first submission, it feels like the biggest decision I’ve had to make in a while. Probably since it is the first post and I’m nervous about who is going to laugh at me for thinking that anyone would care about a blog from an average guy like me. So, I’ll just do a short introduction. I’m an average guy. I live in the United States. A red-blooded American, born and raised in the South. I have a wife and two kids, a small flock of backyard chickens, and a love of college football. But, I am also a follower and believer in Jesus. This blog will be a small view into my thoughts and feelings about what is going on in life, in my country,  my state, the world, and the spiritual battles that take place every day for everyman.

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