How Do I Get Rid of These Flabby Arms?

One of the biggest myths is that you can lose fat in an area of the body by strength training or exercising that specific body part.

The truth is that you can’t lose fat from a specific area like that.

The best way to get rid of excess fat is to combine a healthy nutrition plan and exercise regularly. Resistance training will increase muscle mass, and it forces fat to divide into the broader surface area. That makes you look more fit.

We cannot dictate where our bodies will decide to oxidize fat, nor can we change fat into muscle.

Doing tricep focused exercise will not decrease the number of fat cells you have on the back of your arms any more than doing crunches will reduce the number of fat cells you have on your stomach.

But, the increase in muscle size will help the overall look as fat does decrease due to regular exercise. And that bigger muscle will fill in the skin and reduce the “flap factor”. This is not a technical term, I made that one up myself. So, tone it up as part of a regular weekly exercise routine.

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Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

We run this race because God has given us a crown. We don’t need to win the crown, we just have to receive it.

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 NASB

Run. Endure. Finish Strong.

Muscle Size vs Endurance Training

Understanding your health and physique goals and programming to those goals is very important.

I am not the fastest and I am not a body builder, but I have achieved most of my health and physique goals.

There is a balance in my training between endurance and resistance training to achieve those goals. I want heart health, weight loss and a muscular physique. At the same time, I want to eat the foods I love.

So, I can’t over index on endurance training if I want continuing muscle growth. Yet, for cardiovascular health and an efficiently running “motor”, I need the aerobic endurance training.

Below us an excerpt from a really boring study to help us all understand this.

Chronic endurance/aerobic training, in the absence of regular anaerobic training (e.g. resistance training and/or high intensity interval training) provides ONLY a catabolic stimulus to the body. It does not provide an anabolic (muscle building) stimulus.

There also seems to be an inverse relationship between endurance and both muscle hypertrophy and rate of force production (i.e. you aren’t going to get bigger and stronger by engaging only in endurance training — the opposite will occur).

This is partly because muscle fibers adapt by becoming smaller in size so that, along with an increase in mitrochondrial and capillary density and function, there is less muscle mass for oxygen to diffuse through to enter the cells, which assists in allowing the muscles to be much more efficient in consuming oxygen and increasing aerobic capacity — oxygen can get into the cells more quickly.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you pushing aerobic training too much? Maybe you are hitting the resistance training and forgot about the health benefits of aerobic exercise?

Do you need guidance on creating an exercise plan to meet your goal? If so, set up a call with me to get started.

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

I have so many things to say, but no safe way to say them. I’ve been told that if I say anything, I’ll be “cancelled” by one group or another. I haven’t always done the safe thing, yet I mostly choose to do the right thing.

There are too many people with too little actual openhearted exposure to the struggles of others. Deep seated stereotypes and grievances fill the thoughts of minds to the point that nothing new can fit in. They don’t understand and may be too afraid to care about the pain of others. Facing reality is of course very scary.

We all need to seek to understand what our minority friends and neighbors are going through. And take time to listen and seek to understand the emotions they are going through. This is required if we actually love those around us.

I have seasons where my fire needs to be stoked. Often I may be upset at the situation that pushed me into a better position for my love, for my neighbor, to burn more intensely. But I understand this cycle, the Spirit moves me for the purpose He created me for. The love of God must burn more intensely within me and this causes the love for my neighbor to burn more righteously.

Jesus said these are the top two commands; love the Lord with all your mind, heart, soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Yet, I see many fellow Christians around me who are always simply going through the motions of religious ritual. They seem to refuse to be moved from their present state of smoldering. Piles of wood have been laid around them, but the wood has smothered the fire. The wood has never been allowed to dry. It stays wet with the with the heavy dew of indifference.

Now, here we are again, many minds are still closed and pyre’s formed. Their fire is no more than a small flicker trying to burn the sacrifice of faux indignation.

I’m calling you out to do something more than pose for a social media picture.

Let the hurting grieve with a shout and fierce resolve. Let us all be active to the betterment of the situation that caused the pain in our neighbors, and let us love with action and not simply words.

Love and pray deeply enough to change yourself and seek to change the circumstance of the hurting. Be a change agent. If protests are not for you, that’s fine.

What I do may not be seen in the public square, because that’s not everyone’s role, but my resolve is to be part of changing the circumstance of the hurting with the gifts and the circumstance God has given me in order to do His will. I will use my influence in my situation to bring change.


June 2020 Fitness Focus

Periodization is important when maintaining lean muscle mass and continued hypertrophy.

For the last couple of months I’ve been doing body weight, stability and endurance exercises. Mostly due to gym closure. But for the month of June I will be doing a Hypertrophy focus again.

Hypertrophy (yes, gym muscles) requires a little bit different programming and acute variable. I’ll use a split-routine (different muscles groups each day of the week) and will use 3 set, with 6 to 12 reps and will use a weight equal to 75% to 85% of my 1 rep maximum.

For example, if my maximum standard bench press is 210, then I will do my reps with 75% to 85% of that weight to help grow muscle mass or surface area.

Of course, I won’t totally forsake endurance and stability training. So, I’ll continue to sprinkle that in on days that I can’t get in the gym.

What are your plans for the month of June?

Contact me and let me help you by creating a specific plan for you. And join the Flesh Tamers Fitness community.

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