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Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday let me encourage you to be generous.

I once heard a quote that said: “if God can get it through you, He’ll give it to you.” Basically it means if you are generous then God will give you more to give.

Now, I’m not sure how theologically accurate the saying is, but I live by it. Generosity is love, and we are commanded to love one another. And that doesn’t mean buying big expensive Christmas gifts for entitled family. It means care and concern for the needs of your neighbors.

If you need a good researched organization to give to today, please consider Send Relief on Giving Tuesday.

Send Relief Gift Catalog – Love Through Giving

It’s a yearly tradition in our home to give the gift of sustainable resources to those in need during the holidays, either through Send Relief (formerly BGR) and Samaritan’s Purse.

Take time today and send a love gift of life giving resources and change lives.

Giving Tuesday

Are you ready to give? I love giving.

I heard a saying once and I try to live by it; “If God can get it through me He’ll get it to me.”

I don’t know how theologically accurate that is, but it sure feels good to be generous.

I’m including the link for my two favorite charities below.

Why Not Just Buy the Farm?

What a thoughtful love gift. Really, no joke. Buy the farm for someone.

Have you ever bought a goat? How about a lamb? Chickens?

I have chickens. But I can’t take my chickens to another country and hand them out. Kevin the rooster would not be happy.

That’s were Baptist Global Response or Samaritan’s Purse can help. They can literally help you buy these things for the people who need them in places around the world.

As we move into the season of Thanksgiving, let’s share some of our abundant blessings with others.

Gift Catalog – Baptist Global Response

Gift Catalog – Samaritan’s Purse