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Kita Designs, Restore Hope-Together.

This week my church, First Baptist Rogers, hosted several international guests with a passion to help others and share some good news with them. One guest shared their passion for helping women who are sexually exploited and at risk. Kita Designs was created to help meet the need for employment and support for these women.
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I’m working with the team at Kita Designs to create headbands that can be marketed to fitness fans like me. Stay Tuned!

“Kita” is an Indonesian pronoun. It means “us,” but specifically an inclusive “us.” Opened in 2017, Kita Designs is a holistic employment center that provides jobs to sexually exploited and at risk women. In addition to learning valuable handicraft skills, they also learn life skills like business, budgeting, parenting, computers, and English. They receive counseling and encouragement, and hear that they are valued every day. They are prayed for, and loved, and they work in a safe environment where they receive a fair wage. Your purchase of their quality workmanship provides a salary at a job they can be proud of.
Kita Designs, https://www.kitadesigns.net/
Kita Designs scarf

Of course my wife needed a scarf!

Cold Weather OCM Squad Gear

Both items will be embroidered/printed with the OneChristianMan.com Logo. Purchases help support the blog to keep the costs down and for advertising. Find many other items on the site as well.