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Book Review: Spurgeon and the Psalms

As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG2), I often get early and free access to new editions of Bibles and other study materials to offer my honest review. #BibleGatewayPartner

I have recently been asked to review the new NKJV version of Spurgeon and the Psalms. It uses the NKJV translation, which I respect, due to the literal interpretation of the original text. The NKJV represents a conservative, literal approach to translation.

This version of Spurgeon and the Psalms was published in 2022, by Thomas Nelson, an international Christian publishing company.

My First impressions were great with the Thomas Nelson Maclaren Series of books having regal blue highlights and verse numbers with line-matched text. This makes it easier to read when coupled with a generous 9.5-point NKJV Comfort Print font.

The book also feels great when you hold it as it has the black Leathersoft cover.

Notes from the Publisher:

Spurgeon and the Psalms will guide you into reading and meditating on God’s Word with the insight of Charles Spurgeon. This devotional psalter features a brief extract from Charles Spurgeon’s beloved The Treasury of David leading into each of the 150 chapters of Psalms.

In this edition, Spurgeon’s insights are paired with the trusted New King James Version. The NKJV balances the literary beauty and familiarity of the King James tradition with an extraordinary commitment to preserving the grammar and structure of the underlying biblical languages.  The result is a Bible translation that is both beautiful and uncompromising—perfect for serious study, devotional use, and reading aloud.

Features include:

  • Devotional thoughts from renowned preacher Charles Spurgeon drawn from The Treasury of David provide new insights from the Psalms
  • The presentation page allows you to personalize this special gift by recording a memory or note
  • An exquisite edition of Psalms in the trusted NKJV translation
  • Each psalm is set in a poetic-style single column on a right-hand page with room to journal your own meditations
  • 1 satin ribbon makes it easy navigate and keep track of where you were reading
  • Gilded page edges add a beautiful shine around the border of the paper
  • Clear and readable 9.5 Point NKJV Comfort Print

About the Maclaren Series: Named for noted Victorian-era preacher Alexander Maclaren, this series of elegant Bibles features regal blue highlights and verse numbers, and clear, line-matched text.

Overall, I give the NKJV version of the Spurgeon and the Psalms four stars.

The content is great. I recommend the book. The commentary from Spurgeon lends to the understanding of the Psalm and brings the reader into an understanding of the life situation of the Psalm writer. The commentary brings the reader into the story just before the main character speaks in his Psalm.

However, the readability is compromised due to the thin pages allowing the font to bleed through too much and causing my eyes to be distracted from reading the page. This is common among Bibles, but these pages are thinner than average.

You can view more details and purchase your copy from this link:

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