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Choosing A Bible Translation

Literal translation or dynamic equivalant? What’s the difference?

Choosing a Bible by Leland Ryken is a short expository essay/book (30 pages) about the differences in Bible translation philosophy.

I highly encourage you all to read it. You can barrow my copy if needed.

But Dr. Ryken clearly articulates why literal translation versions are essential.

I’ll be sticking with my NASB and KJV versions for sure. ESV, RSV and NKJV are also literal.

You will probably want to steer clear of other version translated in the last half centry unless you want the translators or a committee opinion on what they think should be the meaning of a phrase.

And Dr. Ryken makes clear that sometimes translating the Bible into totally new languages may require this for a quick turnaround on the field by a translator. But English translation and finalized language translations should not be using dynamic equivalence as a translation method.

If a reader wants an opinion on the meaning of a verse they can buy a commentary. They need to know what is an actual translation not including opinion.

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