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The Lie of Santa and Elf on the Shelf

You are lying to your children. It’s not an innocent story. Your children should always trust that you are telling them the truth. The older they get the more you have to lie to prop up the story.

One day you will ask them to trust you about who Jesus is. But they will have learned that mom and dad are skilled liers practiced in the art of story telling and that whole institutions are set up to fool children into believing a false narrative for feelings of store bought joy and happiness.

You need to tell them that these are fiction stories and only Santa is loosely connected to a historical figure with no magical power.

No you will not be destroying their childhood. You will be rearing them in truth.

Surely tell them not to tell their little friends at school otherwise they may get their friend’s parents upset. #woke

This time of year is about our savior Jesus Christ. No mythical creature is to steal any glory from him.

If we decorate it is for Him. If we give gifts it is to celebrate Him as He was a gift. If we show love it is because He is love.

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