Don’t Miss the Target

This week I was given the opportunity by my employer to fly to Charlotte, North Carolina for work.

My flight back home was delayed for a while so I took a stroll around the airport in Charlotte.

I walked by one of the quick-service food vendors and noticed that the young man at the cash register was reading a very used looking Bible. As I got closer I noticed that he was reading in the book of Ezekiel in chapter 44.

He had a slight confused look on his face. So I took the opportunity to ask him what he was reading. Of course he said “I’m reading a Bible”. Which I knew but I wanted to start a conversation. I said, “I see you’re reading in Ezekiel”. Then I started by talking about Ezekiel chapter 38 and the apocalyptic nature of the few chapters in that range.

I spoke to him about signs and prophecy about the end times, specifically about the future destruction of Damascus that is foretold (Isaiah). I spoke to him about how Damascus is the only ancient continuously inhabited city that has never been destroyed.

After we concluded our discussion I walked away and immediately started thinking that I had not shared the Gospel. Possibly subconsciously I assumed he must be a believerbecause he had a Bible. Either way, I didn’t get the cue to (insert Gospel here) in our conversation.

Later, as I was sitting in the waiting area at gate E14A, I thought to myself that I had just missed my Philip moment. I missed the important part of why I was put in that situation. I sit here now hoping that what we discussed helped this young man in the way God intended and that I didn’t truly miss the entire target. Maybe just my willingness to speak to him about the Bible makes a difference.

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