Father’s Day

A father’s work is never done, especially with an energetic son

“Hey dad”, he says, “let’s go out and play”, but son it’s father’s day

a day where I should relax and rest, and be told that I am the best

“But dad”, he says, “how about this”, a project that just can’t be missed

Son you know I love you so, don’t you think we should let that go

It’s father day and I’m the best, shouldn’t I just take a rest

Then there is this thought within, a little reminder of if not now then when

No, tomorrow I must mow, and Tuesday I’m not sure who is to know

If this dad is the best, then this lesson I must address

Life is too short to take a rest, when with an energetic son you have been blessed

© Johnathan Sexton and OneChristianMan.com, 2014.

Duct tape hammock start

Duct tape hammock project

Duct tape hammock finished

Duct tape hammock project finished

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