Parents only weekend!


The kids are at D-NOW getting some Biblical training which means a kid-free weekend for Jamie and I.

Friday night dinner, check. Coffee shop Saturday morning, check. Lunch with the builder to discuss a remodel/addition, check.

Yes my eyes are closed

Now I’m sitting here letting lunch settle before the second half of my Saturday.

My other list items include some much needed relaxation time and marathon training, before date night part-two tonight.

I know those two things don’t seem to mix. But I have a goal. I want to complete the Bentonville Half Marathon in 1’45” or less. πŸ˜…

To date I’ve only been able to do 10 miles at the 8 minute/mile average. So I have four weeks to get my mind and body right.

Any advice is appreciated. How did you push over that last 3 mile hump?

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