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The Adventures of Yazoo and Huckleberry (Ch 9)


Travel day, early morning.
Security was horrible but normal. The airport was packed in the southern city we were in. The people were heading out of town to join family for a traditional festival.

Once we got to the capital city airport after a three hour flight, we used Yazoo’s gold status and used the VIP lounge with showers and snacks. We missed the lounge when came in country previouly, we would have loved that.

While standing in the security line I noticed several things that were out of the ordinary. One thing was a middle eastern guy who apparently uses steroids or something to make his biceps and forearms swell up. Apparently this is a thing. I was certain I could poke the fake muscles and pop them.

On the 13 hour flight from this capital city to Dallas we didn’t get the good exit row seats, so the flight was much harder to relax on. This flight is the one we had to rebook. Originally we had booked a Saturday flight home. It had been canceled about two weeks before our trip.

Now as I told you previously we didn’t have any details why that flight was canceled. Also, if you remember from the last post, Yazoo had received a call about the in country financial authorities wanting to review the funding of the business.

It was in the airport here that Yazoo confessed to me that he was a little freaked out about that call from the accountant.

Yazoo explained that he was worried that the airport authorities were going to stop us from leaving the country. I said a prayer.

Yazoo said it’s all in the Lord’s hands. So, when we finally passed through security and got on the plane we were very relieved.

We theorize that the Lord made sure we left a day earlier than planned to keep us out of trouble.

On the flight. I saw at least two couples leaving with newly adopted children. One of them was very fussy, earphones required.

I only got about 30 minutes of sleep. Which was fine. It helped me sleep and adjust to central standard time once I arrived home.

I watched several movies on the retractable entertainment unit in the seat. And I got up to stretch my legs several times since I was on the aisle seat.

One odd thing was that the two small asian ladies sitting next to me in this three seat side row never got up once. It was amazing in my mind how they didn’t need to stand up or use the restroom for 13 hours.

Once we got to Dallas, we used Hayes gold status and again used the VIP lounge with showers and snacks. American Airlines has nice lounges for the gold members. But we did have to go through security again.

We only had a couple of hours layover so we just relaxed and enjoyed the current calm.

All three of the flights were full and nerve racking for a guy who tends to introvert as first nature. The worst part was that we had to go through security for all three flights. 😥

I was very relieved to be in the U.S. again. When my wife and kids picked me and Yazoo up at the airport it was an amazing feeling. I felt a joyful and content spirit. I was thankful and blessed.

After dropping Yazoo off at his house. We headed straight to Braums for a chocolate chip cookie dough shake.

Now, time to pray and plan the next journey.

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