YouVersion 21-Day Challenge

YouVersion 21-Day Challenge

I use the YouVersion Bible app every day to help me read, study and refresh my spirit with God’s Word. Last year I used the app every single day for things ranging from reading the Bible to topical studies on Biblical leadership and even studies on being a better husband. This year I’m at 4 perfect weeks and counting.

OneChristianMan YouVersion Bible App
OneChristianMan YouVersion Bible App Streak

Big changes start small.

What would happen if you gave God’s Word a voice in your life? What if you could make that a daily habit? Would it change your life? Let’s find out. The YouVersion App can show you how, get you started, and encourage you along your journey.

Start Here

If you haven’t already selected your first Plan for the Challenge, start one today. Consider inviting a few friends. Open the Plan’s settings, and set up your daily reminder. That’s it.

Complete all 21 days, without missing any, and you’ll earn this year’s 21-Day Challenge Badge.

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