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4 Ideal Speed Workouts for New Runners

“Speed, I am speed” – Lightning McQueen


4–6 x 20 seconds, focus on getting the legs moving a little faster than normal and work on your form


The term means ‘speed play’ in Swedish and is consists of high-energy bursts of running followed by recovery.

Sprint 20 seconds at 80–90% of your highest capacity, followed by running 20 seconds at a slow pace. As you progress start increasing the times to 30 seconds fast and 30 recovery and work your way up to 1-minute for each before going back down.


This workout is one that could be done on a track and will help you get used to longer bursts of speed with a bit less recovery.

Start running on the track and run fast on the straight away and slow on the curves. If you are running on a trail or street, do these in 50 yard intervals.


Do this after you have a strong base. The strength that’s gained on hills turns into speed on the flat spots.

Do a 5 – 10 warmup, 6 x 90 seconds moderately hard effort up a moderate grade hill, jog back to the start for recovery between reps and a 5 minute cooldown.

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