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The Jackrabbit 5K – Two Years Later

Jackrabbit 5K 2019

I hate running. That’s what I always told myself and everyone else. I still think that’s part of what drives me now.

In reality it was the pain and time involved with training that I hated.

Nonetheless, running I did not like to do.

I was 36 when I finally set out to run in my first 5K. And I didn’t want any hills involved.

When I saw the Jackrabbit advertising that it was the flattest 5K and best course for a Personal Record, I was in.

If I was going to do it, I wanted it to be easy. I got my wife and brother-in-law onboard and we did it.

I ran it in a 34:21.2. Now I know that doesn’t seem fast, and I wasn’t completely satisfied with my effort, but I was proud.

Fast forward two years later. It’s two weeks after my second Half Marathon with a PR, and I’m running the Jackrabbit 5K for the second time with my friend Steven on his first 5K.

I’m very proud of him. And I posted a new 5K PR for my effort, 22:32.2. This time I also outran my brother-in-law Daniel. Sweet revenge.

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