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Indoor Rowing Proper Technique

When I was a freshman in college at Northwestern State University I joined the crew team. I rowed 8 and 4 man shells with a coxswain.

So when I go to the gym and see people torturing themselves on the rowing (erg) machine because of improper technique, it makes me want to go over and show them how.

When you are doing it correctly this is a full body exercise and that chain/cable should not bounce. You should not be taking that handle up and over your knees like it’s on a roller coaster. If you are doing this you will definitely have trouble getting to a good cadence and you can hurt yourself. Really I have seen people skin their shins when pulling the handle back at the wrong time.

There is a sequence to follow to make sure you are using the proper technique to reduce injury.

Keep the handle at a constant height with very little vertical movement.

Leaning forward to grab the handle your knees should be bent, your back showed be leaning forward and your arms fully extended.

Then drive with the legs, lean all the way back and then pull with the arms to your chest. Then do it in the opposite order to full compression.

We want to use our leg and core muscles to do the heavy work and finish with the arms.

Remember in the shell your wrists will also have to turn that oar which adds a level of fatigue that you don’t get as much on the indoor rower.

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