OneChristianMan and Flesh Tamers Fitness Fitness Flesh Tamers Founding Member Search (Day 4 of 5)

Flesh Tamers Founding Member Search (Day 4 of 5)

🤯 Only 3 spots left! 

Spaces in the 6 week “Taming the Flesh” Call to Action are rapidly being snapped up, and registration closes in just 24 hours! ⏰

If you’re a Christian Man with secular jobs and/or full time Ministers who are sick of  drowning in perceived time constraints and lack of knowledge on how and encouragement/accountability to get in shape struggling with taming the flesh without neglecting your Family and Ministry obligations, this is your opportunity to get in shape and to take back control, and build energy and confidence in the body that the Lord has given you to do His work. Don’t miss out!  

I used this system with several men in my community and the results they achieved shocked me.

One man told me that he had started having trouble just walking up three floors of stairs without breathing hard. Now, he runs 5Ks on the weekend for fun! Another man worked out with me for two months just twice per week, started eating healthier, and lost 20 pounds while also building muscle! 

If you want to achieve these sorts of results (or more)  in the next 6 weeks and beyond, comment below with:

“Taming the flesh and extending the mission”  👇 or email me at

Then, hold tight for me to send you the sign up details straight into your messenger inbox.

But act fast…

⏰ There are ONLY 3 spaces left! ⏰

Comment below NOW to reserve your space. 👇 or email me at

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