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Empower Your Purpose – Flesh Tamers Fitness

I’ve made a few updates to the motivational and exercise videos for the Flesh Tamers Fitness App. The 6-week Taming the Flesh challenge is ready for everyone to use and start losing weight and building lean muscle mass while building our Spiritual gift of Self-Control.

And if you have set a goal to conquer your fear of running, the new 5K to Half-Marathon training program is being built and the first 9 weeks are ready for you to begin preparing for those fall runs you are singing up for.

Commit to try the app for 1 month and I guarantee you will see results that will convince you to finish out the final 2 weeks of the Challenge and beyond. I’ll be adding new programs regularly to help you achieve your next level goals beyond the base program.

What are you waiting for?

Download the App from the Apple or Google App store. Or use the app online at

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