Weekend Roundup

This weekend is going to be packed with activities.

Saturday morning is F3 workout with the men of F3 Northwest Arkansas at 6:30. Which includes my 15 year old who we call Fortnite. They call me Huckleberry. Fitness, Faith and Fellowship are the key principles.

Then a long 20 mile bike ride with my wife.

We’ll hopefully have a relaxing lunch before the grass mowing begins. And then hopefully we’ll enjoy and nice family dinner.

Sunday will be church. I’ll go early to help serve at 9:00 and then I’ll attend worship at 10:15.

On the way I’ll need to stop by Red Barn donuts and 7 Brew. I have to fuel up for my long run Sunday afternoon.

This Sunday will be a 10 mile run at a 7:45 pace. That’s the goal anyway.

What are you doing this weekend to tame the flesh? Comment and share.

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