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What are the biggest mistakes people make at the gym?

1. Chosen exercises are not realistic. Too many people grab exercise plans from the famous fitness influencer and follows it with bad results. Too often, those exercises are not realistic with your fitness level. It’s hard to stick to the plan when it’s not created for you, and it’s even a risk for injury when you are not sure about the exercises.

2. You’re doing the same thing repeatedly. Too many people do the same things every time year after year. Progress demands variation. Follow your plan for 6-8 weeks and change stimulus after that. It’s called periodization!

3. You’re skipping the warmup. Skipping warmup is just lazy. Research tells us that your performance will be better if you do a proper warmup and better performance means better results. Plus, skipping warmup is a risk for injury. It gets your neuromuscular system ready for the tough workout to come.

4. You’re going too fast. If you have been sitting on a sofa for years, you are not in a hurry. Aim for change where you gradually change your habits for the rest of your life and results will follow.

5. You let yourself get distracted. Focus on the game. Forget your phone and social media while you are training.

6. You neglect your diet. Gains need energy! You can’t exercise without fuel and, you will not recover without food. Use an App that tracks your workouts and sync to a calorie/nutrient tracking app. Then follow the plan.! I love Garmin and MyFitnessPal.

7. Not consulting anyone to Ask help! Friend, trainer, or just somebody from the gym staff.

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