Flesh Tamers Fitness Program!

A fitness program built for busy dads and moms.

Take advantage of this fitness program used by dads around the country.

Let me help you get back to your preferred fitness level and achieve your health goals.

Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid to commit.

This is a fitness program built for busy parents.

To Build lean muscle and lose weight.

No “fad” diets, no gimmicks.

“How on EARTH does a busy parent lose weight and build Lean Muscle while working a full-time job?!”

Answer: Probably NOT how you’d think…

❌ He doesn’t follow fad diets and give up all his family time…

❌ He doesn’t try to “figure it out” on his own anymore…

❌ He doesn’t follow random YouTube tutorials…

✅ He follows a tried and proven system…The same system I’ve used with the entire #FleshTamers community…

✅ Step-by-Step 6 Week “Taming the Flesh” Challenge

✅ Weekly Group Coaching Calls

✅ Exclusive Facebook Community

✅ Nutrition & Meal Plan To Maximize Results

✅ New Challenges added to move you to your goal

If you’re sick of trying fad diets and are ready to take back control…

I will not let you fail.

In the first 6 weeks, we’ll kick start your progress with my signature Challenge “Taming the Flesh”.

Once you’ve made that quick progress, you’ll leverage the support community, updated app tutorials and challenges and group coaching calls to create and maintain;

👉 the right mindset,

👉 the right habits

👉 the right lifestyle so, you make consistent changes… and never go back!.

PS: There are limited spots available, so if this sounds like you, don’t wait!

If you’re committed… it still won’t be ‘easy’, but it can be simple. 

I can help you! (even virtually anywhere you are)

Have you been looking for a step-by-step fitness program to help guide you with a daily exercise plan and nutrition guide?

Would you also want it to include short Biblical devotions to help build you spiritually at the same time and remind you why keeping the body healthy is part of achieving the purpose God has for you?

Do you want someone who actually cares about you to hold you accountable and help you achieve your God given purpose and your fitness goals which empowers your mission?

Our Flesh Tamers Fitness training options include two valuable options:


Sign up with the link above for App Access then download the app and sign in with the account you created.

Download the App and then you can use it via your mobile device or iPad. And if you email me, I will give you a better one-time deal for lifetime access to the app and one-on-one training calls with me.

The Web based mobile friendly App is also available at https://fleshtamersfitness.passion.io/ If you want access to the mobile friendly web version of the App, please email me at OneChristianMan@OneChristianMan.com and I will set you up with access.

Here’s a review of everything you’re going to get with the basic App Access plan:

✅  The 6 week “Taming the Flesh” Call to Action so that I can personally work with you to tame your fleshly desires of laziness and poor eating habits, lose weight, feel strong and healthy withOUT feeling guilty about taking the time.

👉 The Challenge follows the Flesh Tamer Method, which is a unique system to achieve being confident, healthier, and energized to fulfill your God given mission. I will personally build a plan for you!

This Flesh Tamer Method consists of:

  • Each week starts with a challenging Biblical devotion that I have personally created for this program. And on Abs day we dig into the Core of our Faith with a story to remind us who our rock is (Jesus).
  • You’ll find a daily step-by-step 30 to 40 Mins Exercise menu each week with the App prompting you with pictures/videos and a timer
  • Body weight exercises with the man in mind, free weights, or heavy random objects and plenty of gains
  • 10 to 20 minutes Stability/Core neuromuscular control, 20 minutes Strength building and Muscle Building, 20 mins Fat burning.
  • We’ll lose weight, get toned and start feeling more confident.   

✅  Nutrition and Meal Plan To Maximize Results

✅  Private Accountability Facebook or Slack Group So You Don’t Quit Until You See Results

✅  Flesh Tamer Fitness App To Workout Anywhere, Any Time.

✅ The Next Level Fitness Program for targeted daily routines aimed at each of the main muscle groups (Split-Routine style)

✅  For advanced training: 5K to Half-Marathon Training Program

If you need more motivation, here is the link to my testimonial (with pictures) about my weight loss journey. https://onechristianman.com/faith/taming-the-flesh-and-extending-the-mission-my-journey-to-physical-fitness/

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